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Anhui Kangning Industrial (Group) Co., LTD. was founded in 2001 by Mr.Qijianning. Since the beginning of the establishment, our company always insist the business philosophy that “establishing enterprise humanely and arriving at supreme goodness” . And we insist normative , orderly , strict...

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     Industry news and company announcements
    1, the new version of the medical device classification rules to consider and pass
    2, CFDA released 2014 medical device adverse event monitoring Annual Report
    3, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "medical device naming rules (Trial)" (Draft)
    4, Qianshan medicine machine: plan for the three Huayi medical capital
    5, Edan instruments: a new generation of color products completed CE certification
    6, Guan Hao: biological and Zhuhai Xiangle signed a letter of intent to transfer of shares, fully open up the field of Department of Ophthalmology
    Two level market performance review
    As of July 22, nearly five trading days, the biomedical sector risen 11.4%, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose 3.45%, pharmaceutical biotechnology sector outperformed the index 7.96% and in 28 Shen if industry level or the No. 14. Medical device sub sector rose 12.79%, 6 in the two sub sectors of the industry rose third. By week or Bo Hui innovation, Kelite, tofflon, crown Hao biological, medical and other major before Shang Rong.
    Industry Valuation and investment strategy as of July 22, the medical device sector TTM earnings rate was 86.2 times, with respect to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 and pharmaceutical biotechnology sector valuation premium rate of 464% and 53% respectively, the Xinshi net rate of 9.7 times relative to the CSI 300 and pharmaceutical biotechnology sector valuation premium rate of 358% and 51%, respectively.
    Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration passed the medical device classification rules, and further to meet the needs of medical device classification work practice, the medical device naming rules (Trial) "(comment draft) released, standardize medical device nomenclature rules. Two are the important basic work for the supervision of medical devices, which is of great significance for the scientific supervision of medical devices and the orderly development of industry standards. Future of China's medical device market space is vast, we maintain the industry optimistic rating. Stock recommendation: benefit in high-end medical equipment localization pace accelerate, is committed to become the international competitiveness of medical imaging equipment and service providers have Wandong; has strong strategic execution, in the field of cardiovascular industry to build health the whole industry chain platform, and actively layout telemedicine Lepu medical; medical device product variety is complete, home medical equipment channel advantage significantly, and actively layout business channels and the Internet health management service of diving medical; benefit to chronic disease management demand growth, blood glucose monitoring in the field of domestic enterprises sannuo biological.

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