Puncture needle to replace the lead wire to open up many yea
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     Of reporter of report from our correspondent Wang Xiaomei Herald reporter January 23, from the understanding of the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, the hospital for the first time application RUPS100 puncture needle, the successful completion of a case of long segmental inferior vena cava occlusion, and duration of up to 30 years of operation, display the in Budd Chiari comprehensive sign mediated in the diagnosis and treatment of the international leading level.
    Heilongjiang people in the 62 year old Mr. Li varicosity of abdominal wall and legs of lower limb skin pigment calm has more than 30 years, from about 10 years ago began, his left lower limb skin began to ulcer and scope is more and more big, foot swelling was not allowed to wear shoes, appetite is not good and sometimes vomiting. For 30 years, he removed a number of hospitals, has not been cured. Not long ago, Mr. Lee came to the hospital, after examination diagnosed cirrhosis, severe Budd Chiari syndrome, CT showed the inferior vena cava occlusion and calcified, abdominal cavity accumulates fluid in great quantities.
    It is understood, Budd Chiari syndrome of posterior segment of the hepatic veins or inferior vena cava occlusion leads to liver and inferior vena cava blood flow obstruction, resulting in massive ascites, lower limb swelling and varicose veins and other symptoms. Solve these problems usually rely on interventional therapy, but due to the longer duration of Mr. Lee, and occlusion segment has calcification, with conventional guidewire opening blood vessels is difficult to vascular dredge, Yida a hospital experts decided by puncture needle for Mr. Li recanalization of the occluded vessel. Although the hospital in Budd Chiari comprehensive syndrome diagnosis and treatment has reached the international advanced level, but this group needle is the first application, the risk is not small.
    Surgery, the doctor with a needle to puncture the success of Mr. Lee for many years to get through the blood vessels, and after the balloon expansion into the stent, blood finally returned to normal. Third days after surgery, Mr. Lee's abdominal wall varicose veins were significantly relieved, 20 days after the disappearance of varicose veins, lower limb swelling significantly subsided, ulcers of the skin also began to heal.

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