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     For cancer patients tumor biopsy, this is the most common operation. But due to compression of the airway and tumor induced acute airway obstruction, which has no oxygen may make the minutes were divided into death. In the conventional tracheal intubation and first aid means declared to be invalid, doctors were clever use of "a needle" for supply of the body, and finally were pulled back from the jaws of death. This is recently occurred in the breathtaking scene of Bayi hospital operating room, also became the first epidural puncture needle "artificial oxygen pneumoperitoneum rescues the successful case. Tumor blocked the airway, the patient can not oxygen at any time may be 21 years of age of the prospective groom Zhang Lin (a pseudonym) how did not think, they were found in the pre marital lymph node. When he came to the eight one hospital, the doctor made it clear that the need for surgical biopsy, sampling a clear diagnosis. However, this small biopsy is not as simple as the doctor had imagined. It turned out that the tumor had been compressed from the neck to the septum, and the airway was almost completely closed. The operation process is very smooth, in the operation room waiting for the report, Zhang Lin began to upset. The original, due to the operation of tissue edema and tumor oppression caused by blood flow back barrier, Zhang Lin's neck is becoming more and more thick, the passage of the rest of the airway is finally completely occluded! Soon he due to lack of body purple, the situation has been very critical. If you can not change the current situation, 5-6 minutes later, only 21 year old Zhang Lin will be due to brain hypoxia caused by brain death. In this case, the conventional method is to take the trachea intubation, but the huge tumor oppression led to the conventional rescue measures can not solve the problem of Zhang Lin airway obstruction and respiratory problems. Further rescue will require more time! And the success of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid is built in the patient can smoothly breathe in oxygen basis, Zhang Lin, the situation is getting worse and worse skin slowly due to lack of oxygen and dark purple, a helpless crowd the. Operation is blocked, the artificial oxygen pneumoperitoneum creation vigor in the event of an emergency, the anesthesia practitioners Xu Xin thought saw in a magazine once a anesthetic techniques: after finished laparoscopic cholecystectomy, through to the intraperitoneal insufflation of oxygen, after pneumoperitoneum residual carbon dioxide set out for, help intra-abdominal pressure recovery to reduce carbon dioxide to the shoulder pain and other complications occurred. Since it can be filled with oxygen to the peritoneal cavity, then why not to the abdominal cavity filled with oxygen to the body? Dr. Xu quickly to the anesthesia department of the higher level of organization to rescue the doctor said his ideas. The superior doctor immediately expressed complete approval and immediately ready to start the implementation of. However, this principle has never been applied to the rescue, in the end it is not feasible? Seeing the patient's situation is very urgent, in order to only 21 years of life, we can only give a fight. Under the concerted effort of the staff, through the epidural puncture needle into the abdominal cavity input of pure oxygen to give the whole body oxygen. The effect is immediate. 1 min to, Zhang hypoxia performance has been very good improvement, by the skin of the purple red, the signs gradually returned to normal, for the next rescue to gain sufficient time. The first artificial oxygen pneumoperitoneum rescue operation in this regard, the division dragon cloud physician introduced said the surgery reference oxygen replacement therapy is through the injection of replacement of oxygen in the body of carbon dioxide into the abdominal cavity to relieve muscle soreness. This principle of operation has existed for a long time, but it is seldom used in the rescue. For Zhang Lin in the implementation of this operation, through the epidural needle needle to inject oxygen to the body, to fight for the rescue time. Experts in the hospital, this is the first time to apply this principle to the rescue.

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