Electronic thermometer era is coming.
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     The Convention on the Minamata recently in Japan signed, if all goes well, this International Limited mercury convention is expected to go into effect in one to two years after the and begin to implement, the treaty was agreed upon, in 2020 will prohibit production, import and export of adding mercury products. This means that in the medical field, some of the added mercury medical supplies such as the traditional mercury thermometer, mercury containing blood pressure meter, etc. will gradually be replaced by electronic thermometer and electronic blood pressure meter. In fact, a few years ago some of China's medical device companies began producing electronic thermometers, electronic blood pressure meter, and gradually replace the mercury thermometer and mercury blood pressure meter, can be predicted that after a few years, containing mercury thermometer, mercury sphygmomanometer will withdraw from the Chinese market. Mercury thermometer has been born for more than 200 years, it is easy to use, accurate measurement, wide application. At present, in China's hospitals and home market, the distribution of 50000000 mercury thermometer, the hospital has about 35000000. But mercury thermometer at the same time, there are a lot of harm, if mercury thermometer accidentally break, mercury dispersion, on the human body caused by poisoning hazards, resulting in dizziness, sleep disorders, chest tightness, kidney damage... Even if a mercury thermometer damage amount is not enough to cause symptoms of appeal, but if medical personnel long-term in such an environment, poisoning is difficult to avoid, is the most important, breakage of the mercury thermometer on the environment will cause great harm. Due to the toxic mercury, the mercury thermometer has become the common understanding of the human society. 1992, Sweden has banned the sale of all mercury containing medical equipment. The UK, France, Denmark and Holland have banned the use and sale of. American since 2000, San Francisco, Boston and Michigan, 13 states and the city began to ban mercury thermometer. The European Commission from 2005 onwards banned mercury thermometer, and banned its export since 2011. In December 2008, the Argentina government also announced that it would prohibit the production and import of mercury thermometer. The World Health Organization has also set up a global mercury elimination program, the goal is to reduce the global mercury in 2017 70% with a mercury thermometer and blood pressure. Our country has not banned the use of mercury thermometer. Mercury thermometer in the medical field and the ordinary family is still widely used, some pharmacies can buy. Our country is mercury thermometer producer, from the Chinese medical device industry association data show, 2008 national production of mercury thermometer mercury consumption amounted to 1.0925 tons, equivalent to 218.5 billion standard containing mercury energy-saving lamps use of mercury. According to statistics, the domestic production of about 120000000 tons of mercury per year, and our country due to mercury thermometer breakage and waste treatment as a waste of more than 10 tons.Overall, electronic thermometer and no loss. Moreover, "the development of green health care is a good and healthy direction, but also the inevitable result". In fact, out of the pressure of environmental protection, China's relevant companies have begun to adjust the rhythm, the production of electronic thermometer, electronic blood pressure meter. China's largest temperature meter, sphygmomanometer production company of medical apparatus and instruments, andon health [-2.72% Funds Research Report] last year, has been in Tianjin "mercury containing medical equipment eliminated capacity building pilot project. Nine Ann medical relevant person in charge told reporters, Tianjin City, the First Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine blood pressure meter, thermometer, the mercury free replacement Department reached 63%. After the Minamata pact was signed, within the next few years, nine companies of electronic blood pressure meter, thermometer mercury free replacement pilot and promotion will further expand and deepen. Hope that the future will be able to form a demonstration effect, driven by other hospitals follow up. Huge market thermometer Market, digital display, in 2010 China's annual output of 150000000 of the thermometer, which is part of the export. Electronic thermometer is the preferred product to replace the mercury thermometer. According to the Convention on the prevention and control of mercury pollution, in 2017, China has at least 70% of the mercury containing thermometer, blood pressure meter is replaced by electronic products. China's Hospital, is expected to have about 7000000 of the mercury thermometer is replaced. At present, the country is replaced by less than 300000. If the purchase price of an electronic thermometer nearly hundred dollars, then there will be nearly 10 billion market space. The future, the world will prohibit the production and export of mercury products, when the electronic thermometer will have a broader market space in the global market. In 2009, the EU region and western developed countries electronic temperature meter special high precision temperature sensor of the total demand of 2.76 billion or more, and with is not in conformity with the phasing out of the environmental requirements of the mercury thermometer, the annual demand will also at a speed of more than 20% growth. Industry analysis, in the new medical reform, the Chinese government invested to reach trillion yuan, of which 2/3 of the funds for patients, 1/3 for the construction of the basic hospital. Community hospitals in some of the larger a second tier cities, there will be funds to replace the old medical testing equipment, the introduction of more advanced medical equipment testing equipment. This will bring higher growth in electronic medical products. At present, China's medical market, the production of electronic temperature meter's largest medical equipment company is research report] andon health, diving medical [-2.37% funds and several foreign enterprises. Among them, the output of the nine security is relatively large, most of the products for export. Electronic thermometer this environmental electronics products will usher in a new era of rapid development, but also to bring the huge business opportunities for these medical companies. In any case, containing mercury products should be early in the face of extinction, the fate of China's mercury free medical era is coming. Analysis of the industry, this will give the domestic medical equipment companies have a huge opportunity. With the arrival of 2017, mercury thermometer will gradually in the Chinese medical market disappeared, behind the disappearance of the "small things of life", will be billion yuan electronic alternative living space.

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