Disposable venous transfusion device (with needle)
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     Disposable infusion needle is a new standard intravenous infusion needle "soft" to "hard connecting seat". Use must comply with the relevant regulations of the medical department and related regulations, limited to the training of doctors or nurses use. Product details are as follows:
    Structure manufacturing
    Disposable intravenous infusion device with PVC manufacturing, according to the domestic and foreign research information display, PVC will be compatible with the drug reaction, the product is banned for the production of compatibility with PVC drug.
    Two, note
    1, a one-time use of intravenous infusion device containing DEHP, clinical medical staff should focus on high risk groups, should not use this product transfusion medicine; should not be used for infusion of Intralipid, lipid soluble fluids and drugs.
    2, a one-time use of intravenous infusion with needle by ethylene oxide sterilization, sterile, pyrogen free; products suicide bacteria play a valid for two years.
    Three, the use of key points
    1, infusion single package, remove the transfusion device; the bottle stopper puncture outfit protective sleeve is taken, the bottle stopper puncture device insertion infusion bottle, although in the air flow regulator adjust the dropping speed, according to conventional infusion infusion.
    2, use the product to see the production batch number, determine whether the expired, expired prohibited.
    3, infusion in the transport process, to prevent leakage, direct sunlight, rain leaching.
    4, the infusion device should be stored in the presence of relative humidity is not more than 80%, no corrosive gas, cool, dry, well ventilated, clean environment.
    5, infusion infusion solution, not light sensitive emulsion, fat milk, blood, blood products.
    6, the infusion of chlorine containing disinfectant stored away.

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