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          The market and product need to promote the quality of the production plant and the economic policy of strict maintenance. This applies to the production of medical supplies in a special way. The cleanliness of the system is determined by the end use of the product being planned. Next this will require the implementation of the technical implementation of the machine equipment to amend.
         The best time to combine the knowledge gathered in the extended machine concept is to design a series of injection molding machines. So German company Krauss Maffei in exhibition K2004 exhibited CX series injection molding machine in the design are combined, it can than past C series are easier to adapt the product requirements, especially in the medical field.
        The clamping device extends into the isolation chamber, connecting arm out plastic parts.
        Product cleanliness
        Plastic parts must be produced in the cleanroom level determines the molding machine engineering design. The design principle, the selected drive and all design characteristics must meet the specific requirements. For example, suitable for air cooling water as the driving motor, because the gas cooling will make particles disperse in the room. This also applies to fans in the control cabinet: to achieve a high level of cleanliness, these fans must be replaced by heat exchangers. On the lubrication, because the volatile components from the oil, so the oil lubrication is not as good as grease lubrication. Even if the gear belt is worn away by the wear and tear, the fact is conducive to other types of power transmission factors.
    However, not the ideal solution will not automatically be excluded. It may just be enough to meet the requirements of the production unit, or it can be reduced to the level of pollution by appropriate means.
        Drive technology and power transmission
        The supplier must ensure that the system chosen for a particular application is qualified for the driver and is confirmed. But if processors or recipient need machine more high level of operation, then make the decision of course there will be some of the reasons, for example in advance for in more stringent cleanroom level using the machine to prepare.
        There is a complex solution between the hydraulic power and the electric machine, and various drive types are possible (Figure 1). Based on the demand of product processors, to choose the type of drive for machine components. In this decision, the total amount of interest should be the deciding factor. The concept of combined type machine, the supplier should now provide a flexible solution for various cleanroom requirements. Then there is a proper relationship between technology and economy.
    Injection molding machine with hydraulic drive shaft for the production of medical supplies do have their advantages. Technology has been proven, high reliability.     Through appropriate regulation, product quality is guaranteed. However, oil leakage and oil volatilization may limit the applicability, or to take protective measures to collect oil and the discharge of oil steam (Figure 4, is located in the locking device toggle above the discharge groove).
        The servo motor is used in the composite and the whole electric machine. They are used as direct drive, or with the gear or gear belt reducer, spindle and similar objects together. However, in extreme clean production conditions, even the power transfer mode may be limited due to oil leakage and wear and tear.
        The servo motor and the mandrel connection is very suitable for the application of clean room. But when using a crank or a lever mechanism, there is still a problem that might leak.
        Air cooling servo motor to produce gas turbulence, strong air flow, may be responsible for the spread of particles and bacteria. On the contrary, water-cooled motor can be recommended to meet the most stringent requirements of the production of clean room.
    A combination of various driving forms (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric) on the injection molding machine. In this method, the advantages of the selected drive type are used in an ideal way. Machine and equipment manufacturers have promoted the concept of the combination of machine components to promote the free choice.

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