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         Sterile medical supplies packaging materials must have two key properties that can be sterilized and stored in the room temperature and kept sterile. The hospital supply room uses the packing material, mainly has the whole cotton cloth and the metal rigid container, these packing material all is not suitable for the aseptic article long-term preservation. At present, promote the use of disposable paper bags, but there are still some questions about the properties of packing. Therefore, the study of sterilization, preservation of the quality of observation of the disposable plastic package of medical supplies. The results are as follows.
       1 method
        Packing material selection of 3M paper plastic packing bag, with a surgical blade, medical cotton pad, gauze, cotton signed for packaging object, pressure steam sterilization treatment. 2 kinds of medical supplies by 4 pieces of goods, respectively, into the packaging bag, each bag of two pieces of a package of chemical indicator card, the discharge of gas inside the bag, sealing machine. 70 test samples were prepared for each item.
        The packaged sample is placed in the vacuum pressure steam sterilization cabinet, after sterilization at 134, check the color of each bag packaging, and check the packaging bag is in good condition to complete the sterilization process; and then it is kept in sterile cabinet at room temperature.
        After sterilization and storage at room temperature for 6 months, 4 kinds of sterilization articles were removed regularly every month, and 10 samples were tested for sterility. In cleanliness class 100 under sterile conditions, respectively sampling inoculated into nutrient broth (cotton swab, blade is directly input, gauze, cotton pad clipping 1 cm x 3 cm, set 35 DEG C cultured for 48 h, with sterile growth for qualified. Observe the packing bag with no damage and degeneration, and check the color of the chemical indicator card. Using Bacillus subtilis bacteria as a positive control, broth tubes as a negative control.
        2 Results
        Inspection results show that the end of sterilization in time to check each package bags are not damaged and degeneration, the package of chemical indicator card discoloration, all kinds of goods packaging and sterility test, sterilization process all qualified. Within 6 months, check the blade, medical cotton pad, gauze, cotton swab and other items of each package complete. Four kinds of sterilization items, each item 10 sample bag, a total of 80 items are sterile growth; stored within 6 months, paper and plastic packaging in 4 kinds of goods, monthly sterility test, 240 samples bag, 480 items are sterile growth.
        3 discussion
        At present, most hospitals still use the whole cotton or metal containers as medical supplies sterilization packaging, although has the advantages of anti Zhang Liqiang, can be repeatedly used, but there are many problems, such as the need to repeatedly wash, manual operation, material loss, etc., both economic and waste of human. In addition, with cotton cloth after being used repeatedly, its protective performance decreased gradually. Therefore, China's "disinfection technical specifications" requirements, cotton packaging materials of sterile medical supplies should be stored in a dry environment, continuous preservation shall not exceed 14 ~ 10 d. "The hospital infection management standard", the cotton cotton packing the sterile dressing to open the use must not exceed 24h. In clinical practice, some aseptic package such as urinary catheterization package, through the heart package and renal biopsy kits and other special equipment package sometimes stored for a long time without being used, once every 2 weeks repeated sterilization, not only waste of money, a waste of human and in work prone to expired package misuse or wrong with problems.In recent years, disposable plastic bags in medical supplies packaging are widely used and has been dedicated to ethylene oxide sterilization packaging has been the pressure steam sterilization packaging.
        This study shows that the use of 3 m disposable paper and plastic packaging bag medical goods packaging, after 134 C vacuum pressure steam sterilization and package goods reached the requirement of sterilization and packaging material not found degeneration or damage, in use under the condition of continuous save 6 months can still effectively prevent microbial penetration. The sterile test results of 480 sterilized articles showed that the growth of the sterile, and the selection of pressure steam as the sterilization method is safe, convenient and inexpensive.

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