Global disposable plastic medical supplies market growth is
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         According to the United States the Freedonia group, a globally disposable medical supplies research report, prevention of hospital infection, global hospitalized patients and outpatients increase and directly facing the consumer healthcare products worldwide sales will rise stimulation disposable medical supplies in the field of development. According to its projections, the global demand for disposable medical supplies will reach 6.6%, to 2018 market value of $245000000000. By then, the plastic resin in disposable medical supplies manufacturing raw material will be required to account for about 73%.
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        Analysts said the Freedonia group, treatment and control of chronic disease products will achieve the fastest growth in sales. Drug delivery devices, especially in the prevention of needle stab wound safety products, such as the development of Needle-Trap devices by SchreinerMedipharm, will be a large proportion of sales growth. At the same time, the report pointed out that the innovation of pre filled inhaler and skin patches can make the patient self control of chronic diseases, popular in the global medical market.
        Although the United States, Western Europe and Japan and other mature market growth slowed down, but emerging economies will further improve the modernization of medical infrastructure, the implementation of regular infection prevention agreement, and promote the development of disposable medical supplies market.
    The ten largest markets are the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Brazil, India, Italy and the United Kingdom, to 2018 accounted for 2/3 of the world's total demand. According to analyst BillMartneau, in the forecast period, the average annual growth rate of these markets is different, which is the lowest in Japan, the highest in China, the highest in China, is 15%.
        The report notes that the global demand for raw materials for the production of disposable medical supplies, the largest proportion of plastic, will be 5.4% of the annual growth rate, to 2018 market value of $14300000000. North America will continue to occupy the largest share, the market value of $5300000000, but the Asia Pacific region's growth rate will remain the fastest. According to estimates from the Freedonia group, to 2023, Asia Pacific region disposable medical supplies raw materials market will reach $5.7 billion, more than Western Europe, followed by North America, become the second largest in the world.

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